Kickstarter is live!

Hello Everyone! 

I'm sorry I haven't post anything in a while. The “Before Glory Hunters” devlog had to be delayed because work around the Kickstarter has been really time consuming, but it’s finally here!

I can’t tell you how exited I am about this and how thankful I am for all your support! I can’t wait to drop on developing Glory Hunters full time. So much I want to do with it and many surprises I have in my mind that I want to include in the game!

Please share the campaign with your friends and family! We added a port to the Nintendo Switch as an end goal to share the glory across platforms (although the best way to play it will always be original hardware for me ha ha ha).

Feel free to ask whatever you want on the campaign or in here. Full transparency on the project has always been important for me, so if you see I’m missing information around it feel free to ask and I will include it there.

Have a great day and see you in the land of Glorianta!

-Cesar Arminio

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Hi  Cesar, 

I just came across the message and I'm happy with you that you could join the kickstarter campaign.

It's not a problem for me that you haven't posted anything lately. 

You seem to keep having much fun, while devoliping the game. 

Wish you a wonderful rest of you day : )

Thank you! Yeah, I try to have fun making the game because I believe somehow you share that feeling on what you are creating and part of that fun gets printed there if that makes sense? ha ha ha.

Wonderful day to you too!

Thank you : )

I think, that it is making sense somehow. 

Try to keep up, that great work attitude!