Release Date: June 8th!

Hello, Hunters!

A world full of glory is finally arriving on Itch! I just wanted to write an update to share the news. Glory Hunters will be available for purchase on June 8th, and a release trailer will be shared here and across social media on that day.


Glory Hunters 1.2Digital Deluxe Content
-Game Boy ROM
-Analogue Pocket file
-Game Boy Advance ROM
-Box cover art (PNG).
-Printable map of the game (PDF tabloid size).
-Digital Instruction Booklet (PDF 10 pages).
-Digital Art Compendium Pocket Edition (PDF 31 pages).
-11 Wallpapers  (PNG 1920 x 1080 and  3840 x 2160).
$5.00 USD$2.00 USD

Physical Copy:

Just a friendly reminder that you can secure a copy of the game on the BitmapSoft webpage:

These are coming very soon as well, but we don't have specific dates to share yet.

Review Copies: I've started sending out review copies! If you'd like an early copy of the game to write a review or make a video before the release date, please send an email to or a direct message on Twitter or Facebook (links are available on the main page) so I can provide you with a copy. Please include your webpage, blog, or channel in the email so I can keep track of them all!

If you happen to know a reviewer who might be interested, please share this post or the following link to the announcement:

It would mean the world to me if you could help spread the word among friends or content creators who share a love for Game Boy games!

Without further information to share at the moment, see you, hunters, on June 8th! Let glory find your path in every single step, always!

-César Arminio


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Ayyy, hell yeah and grats!

Ha ha ha, took forever right? Thank you for the cheers! I hope you find in it lots of fun. I can't wait to read your reactions and comments! Which path will you take and which kind of glory will you hunt? Rise!