Gone Gold!

Hello, Hunters!

Glory Hunters has gone gold! YESSSS!

After nearly 2 years, my part in this journey is coming to an end. Glory Hunters 1.0 will soon be available for you to download as a ROM file!

Let's start with the changes made to the itch page:

  • Comments have been changed to Community. Hopefully, this will be a place to share all your thoughts and experiences around the game. Leave your ideas for topics down in the comments so this can start growing as time goes by! Bugs can be addressed here, but know that I won’t be updating the game in its current state (for better or worse, there will be no day-one patches or anything like it). They will be worth mentioning if I ever make a “revision” release, but for now, the game stays as it is (just like the good old days).
  • New Demo: You can play a demo directly from the webpage through HTML. The demo is basically the same content that was available in “Chapter 1” but now running on the last build of the game, meaning that some stuff has been added that is included within the full release like chests, an updated “Hunter’s Guild”, some updated sprites, and balanced achievements among other small details.
  • Old files: Original “Chapter 1”: The original “Chapter 1” has moved to “Chapter 1 Legacy Files (GB Compo 2021)”, in case you are looking for the ROMs that work with Retro Achievements. They can still be downloaded for free.

Files and Prices: When the game releases, you will be able to purchase two files (what is included is described below):

  • Glory Hunters 1.0 $5
    • Game Boy ROM (Glory Hunters 1.0.gb).
    • Analogue Pocket file (Glory Hunters 1.0.pocket).
    • Game Boy Advance ROM (Glory Hunters 1.0.gba through Goomba Color).
    • Game Boy Advance ROM (Glory Hunters 1.0 EZ IV.gba through Goomba Color EZ IV save patch).
    • N3DS CIA file (Glory Hunters.cia)
  • Digital Deluxe Content $2
    • Box Art (PNG)
    • Printable map of the game (PDF tabloid size).
    • Digital Instruction Booklet (PDF, 10 pages).
    • Digital Art Compendium Pocket Edition (PDF, 31 pages).
    • 11 Wallpapers (PNG, 1920x1080 and 3840x2160)

It is worth mentioning that the .gb file works with SRAM saving; FRAM will not be available for download.

Remember that you can secure your cartridges through BitmapSoft here:


Those cartridges will have small variations to the ROM provided within itch:

  • BitmapSoft logo included in splash screen.
  • Battery-less saving (FRAM)

Release Date: 

All Kickstarter backers will receive a digital copy before the official release on itch. There is not a specific date for when the game will be accessible to everyone else, but I will be announcing it soon via social media and within these updates, so stay tuned and be sure to follow the project to receive the notification which should drop within a month.

A Bit of Data About the Development:

The development of the game took 694 days (1.9 years) from the end of the Kickstarter campaign (May 25, 2021) to its 1.0 version (April 18, 2024). Glory Hunters was made using GB Studio 3.1.0 created by Chris Maltby. There were no plugins used during development. The PC where I made it was running Windows 7 Ultimate.


  • GB Studio 3.1.0
  • Tiled
  • Aseprite
  • Milky Tracker

The project contains 621 scenes. The game ended with 11 unique bosses, 9 temples, 9 towns to visit, and over 600 achievements. Over 20 original music tracks were created for the game by Rodrigo Nuñez using Milky Tracker. The final ROM weighs 4MB and has 3 save files enabled.

Glory Hunters Official Discord Server:

The official Glory Hunters Discord server has been opened to anyone willing to join the hunt with us! Join us here:


See you on the hunt!



Glory Hunters Demo Play in browser
40 days ago
Chapter 1 Legacy Files (GB Compo 2021) 839 kB
40 days ago


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Tomorrow is my birthday, if that helps you decide when to release the digital version for purchase by non-backers ;)

Ha ha ha. Happy birthday! I already made a post on social media. Glory Hunters will officially release digitally in Itch on June 8th:


Will make a post in here to officially announce the date. Thank you for your interest and support! May glory find you in every single step, always.

Hey! I'm curious if you have an official release date for the digital version yet. I'm excited to play through and review it for my site, GB Grotto!


Hello Tyler! I will be making an announcement about the official release date for the digital version in the next few days. Had to fix a few small bugs, but I think the game is ready! Hit me up with an email at gloryhuntersgame@gmail.com so I can provide you with a review copy to start doing that review!