Coming soon to Kickstarter!

The word is finally out!

I have been working with Bitmap Soft on a Kickstarter campaign to get crowed funded and fully focus on the development of the game and achieve its glorious completion!

We have prepared a lot of material including new game content, general design around the project like the upcoming physical rewards and many many more!

For more updates on those follow @BitmapSoft and @2think_ds on twitter, we have a lot of content we want to share!

For now you can check out our first teaser here:


The campaign will start running on April 10th.

You can be the first ones to get notified with this link:

The rewards will be available as digital versions of the game (regular and deluxe including files to run on any Game Boy emulator, the Analogue Pocket and a Steam code) and physical Game Boy cartridges (standard and collector's edition, the latter being limited to 200 which will include an art book and OST cd alongside other goodies).

All physical rewards will include worldwide shipping. There will be special offers for early backers and limited add-ons within the campaign, one of them being adding custom dialogue to special NPCs.

Our goal is to reach $800,000 MXN (Other currencies est. £28,571; 38,150 USD; 34,115 €) but stretch goals will include additional content and making the game in full color.

Come and join the hunt with us! The best way to help the project right now is to share it to your loved ones, friends, family… Everyone!

Thank you for all your support and remember that all glory comes from daring to begin!

-César Arminio

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Deleted 1 year ago

Hey man! Still a long road to walk ha ha ha. Thank you for always sharing kind words and support. Im sure we will reach glory together! 

Deleted 1 year ago

Can’t wait for this, loved the demo!


Thank you JoelJ! Thank you for always being there for all my anoying questions ha ha ha! I can't wait the day both our games sit next to each other on my shelf :D. When I got yours in my hands I was determined to get my game in such a perfect physical edition!

Gon' be keen to back this haha, love the black cart choice too.


Thank you! It won't disappoint you. Bitmap Soft always delivers best quality products. Have been working a lot on what we want to deliver as a final product. And just wait what we have prepared for the collector's edition! Can't wait to share it with everyone!

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I'm happy about, that you shared the info with us.  It is a great teaser!

Wish you a great weekend (You know I will be busy all weekend long ^^)

We have two more teasers coming up. Right now is all about the kickstarter news, but I am preparing a little bit of the history before glory hunters and how I got into GB studio. Will post it soon. Advertise free content I promise ha ha ha :D.