No more donations? What's next?

Hello hunters!

I want to thank everyone who donated their hard earn money to Glory Hunters Chapter 1 on itchio. Know that your money is being used to create a huge experience within the game and not only helps a lot with many expenses, but it kept me motivated on all these days after I uploaded chapter 1. To know that the project was worth so much for you really surprised me and really made me keep going forward (because believe it or not I haven’t stop working :P ). Big thanks to you all.

I have decided to stop receiving donations on chapter 1 because the next step in the project draws near and it will serve only as a “demo”, but know that everyone who supported the project until this day will receive a special reward in the future. It doesn’t matter if you donated $1 or $10 I will make sure some love gets back at you for trusting and supporting the game.

I have been working on something huge for about 3 or 4 months now with some real cool guys that are experts in the “new retro scene” to complete Glory Hunters and bring you one of the best games for your Game Boy collection. Can’t share more information but everything will unveil on time. What I can tell you is this: we will need your help :) .

Stay tuned and make sure you follow my twitter @2think_ds so you don't miss on these glorious news! You won’t have to wait for long I promise!

It has been amazing knowing so many people within the GB dev community and discovering how many people are interested in new “retro” games. I hope to know many more as time goes by.

Thank you everyone who supports this project either with positive and constructive feedback or just your kind words. Glory will be ours!

-César Arminio

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Ayyyy, nooooice


Nooooice indeed! Ha ha ha. I hope you like what we have been brewing on our dark caves of magic ha ha ha! Just a few hours for a little teaser :).

Have a great one and keep up the love for the Game Boy, the fantastic portable grandpa still lives! For glory!


thank you for this info. It is great to hear, how you project is evolving. I played the game in a early stage in the game boy dev contest. Maybe I should take a look at the new game version. 

Best Regards

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Thank you for reading! There is no substantial changes to latest game version, just some tweaks here and there (like being able to skip logos and intro screen).

I can't wait to come back and continue developing the game. I have so many ideas for it (realizable ones ha ha ha) but for now I've been working non stop on material to promote the game and planning a lot to get Glory Hunters as a physical cart (once I finish it).

I hope to see you around and look forward for new characters and gameplay I have prepared! Tomorrow we will make an official announcement!

Again, thanks for the kind words. I hope you had enjoyed chapter one. A friendly reminder: the skull cave has not been opened yet by anyone... so you can be the first one!

Have a great day!


a physical release is always something special and as I think it is a lot more special when the game is for retro systems. I'm always getting happy and excitited when hearing about such a release. 

To bad, that my money capacities are limited, otherwise I would try to support them as much as possible. But, that means not, that I only can support with money, I try to support each project I meet in the www as much as possible. 

Thank you for the reminder,  tommorow the weekend begins so I will give it a try. 

I enjoyed the game quite well, it has something special.  Maybe this come from the passion you put into this project?

Thank you, I wish you and the project only the best

Thanks for the words. Nothing makes me happier than hearing someone enjoys something I create. I will start posting here more updates and even some history behind Glory Hunters. 

Any help is welcomed, sometimes sharing the love for a project is even better than money ha ha ha. Believe me that if I could afford it I would go crazy giving away the game to many people as possible.

Tomorrow I will make the official announcement on the next step for this project. 

Hope to see you around! Have a great weekend (playing Glory Hunters ha ha ha, just joking)!