Analogue Pocket Compatibility!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to say that Glory Hunters Chapter 1 is now compatible with the Analogue Pocket!

You can download the .pocket file from the main page or from the attachment to this.

I want to thank @bestpig for sharing a GB studio hack that allows devs to export 2.5 projects to .analogue files. BIG THANKS! Link down below:

Note that this build shows almost no change to previous .gb files… except some teeny-tiny changes:

-The tentacles within the boss now moves around player. You can kill them but it is not necessary to defeat the boss. Still working on it.

-You can skip the intro now! Press any button to skip logos and intro sequence and that will take you to the title screen (load / save game). Ok yes, this change feels big ha ha ha ha.

-Some backgrounds have been changed so little no one but me will notice.

This changes only apply to the .pocket file*

Have not tested the .pocket file properly but if you find some issues with it feel free to comment them right below and I’ll do my best fixing them.

As always thank you for your support and keep following us because big, BIG, BIIIIIIG news are coming soon regarding Glory Hunters!

-César Arminio


Glory Hunters Chapter 1.pocket 2 MB
Jan 28, 2022

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