Minor fixes ver.0.2 and sneak peek.

Hi everyone!

1) I uploaded a minor fix version (rom only because people may loose save data when playing on browser and fixes are not worth risking this).

Ver0.2 fixes:

-Moved the little girl from the start so players do not confuse her with part of the scenery (bones).

-Exit vortex in the Hunter's Guild is no longer something you need to "interact" but just walk over to take you back to the Hunter's Guild Stone.

-Fixed some typos and mistakes in dialog. (let me know if you find others!)

These are really minor fixes but they sure annoyed me when I showed the game to other people.

2) I also wanted to leave a little sneak peek of some sprites I'm working on for next chapters. These includes a parrot you will be able to hatch in a farm and the sprite animation for a frog minigame im working on. I hope you enjoy them!

3) Finally:

We have reached over 1,000 players! More and more people are joining the hunt!

I want to thank everybody who downloaded / played the game and gave their feedback over social media or down in the comments.

This has been a HUGE help and very inspiring to keep on developing the project. Thank you all for your support and expect more updates right here! 

Don't forget to follow me in twitter (https://twitter.com/2think_ds) and share your glorious feats with your friends!

Also... no one has opened the skull door that require 100 glory points (except me, that's how I know it really works). I hope someone opens it in the near future and be sure to share such a glorious feat with me so we can showoff your amazing feat!

Continue with your hunt! And let glory bless your path... Always!


Glory Hunters Chapter 1 ver.0.2.gb 2 MB
Oct 08, 2021

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