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Wow! This game surprised me. Production value is amazing! Could not believe this much quality gameplay could be available for free. Definitely want to purchase the rest now! Thanks for making! Really enjoying!


Thank you Mosthumble09! Glad you enjoyed it! There are many stuff missing in the first chapter like the boss not working properly and the achievements not being balanced, also some mobs behave oddly due to poor programming skills ha ha ha, but Im making sure to improve a whole lot the final game. It's getting huge (for a gameboy game lol) and working in it is been quite fun until now. Hope to see you around for the release (still a way to go to finish it tho he he ). 

Is there an overall list of every single possible Glory Point?

Not yet! Ha ha ha. But I can tell you there are over 200. The retroachievements  page is a good start to see some achievements you can earn.

I'm loving this game! The GPs makes for a very cool progression system! Can´t wait for the release of the final version!

Where can I get extra keys btw? I found the secret storage but can´t find the key for the second door anywhere!


Hey gusclouds! So glad you are enjoying the game! The first key is purchasable, the next ones are inside the dungeon. First one is a bit tricky, it involves pushing a block ha ha ha.

Working hard to get that release. Still need to cook up many stuff. Stay tunned for more!

what does "cleanse the storage" mean?

Really fun game btw!


Aha! You need to enter the secret storage (small dungeon) to find out! Ha ha ha.

I got stuck there too for quite a bit. Could maybe use a helpful NPC to drop a vague hint. But also it was fun to find. 

¡Me encanta este título! ¡Lo encuentro hermoso!

Escribo para la revista RetroMagazine World y hemos publicado un pequeño adelanto en nuestra página de Facebook. Si tienes otro material para enviar, ¡seguimos en contacto!

¡Muy bien!

Hola! Muchas gracias por el apoyo! No hay nada mas importante para mi que los jugadores disfruten y se diviertan con el proyecto. Estare en contacto pronto con ustedes. Muchas muchas gracias!

Great work! Excited to see this coming to Kickstarter!

I see you already mention holding left + B to force the greyscale palette to really help the cutscenes shine. Perhaps you could look into tweaking the header to use one of the assigned palettes (probably 0x58 from X (Japan)) to do this automatically in future releases.

This script should be able to help with it, though I'm not sure it'll work on .pocket files: List of palettes:

(1 edit)

Thanks a lot for the info, will sure check it out! My main priority right now will be finishing the game, polish the gameplay experience until my eyes burn and if everything goes well we might see a full color version of this. I want to retain the ability do display it in a green color palette as well as a black and white one and that info will surely come in handy.

Thank you for the kind words. Let's hunt for glory together! Ha ha ha.

Keep at it! Polish is so much work but really pays off in the end. Very impressed with what I've seen so far.

Enjoyed it a lot :) will replay for more glory points ;)


Ha ha ha! Happy you enjoyed it! You can get over 200 glory points (some really hard). Let's see who's the one to open the skull cave first!

omg you just made my schedule bleed xD

Wonderful pixelart! I like how you do the start menu.


Thank you very much! Made with love and passion!

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Thank you very much! I hope you had some fun with it! May glory bless your path always!

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Thank you! Enjoy!

This game is really interesting. I really enjoy the Zelda style combat and the non linear story. There are like many ways to progress through the story and that is fun by itself! However, i wonder what does the shift button does. Somehow it is like another button for attack? I'm not sure if it is a bug or it's mean to be this way. Love this game overall and man getting achievements is so satisfying :D Glory/10


Wow! Thank you so much for playing! Shift (select in a gameboy) is used to check your health, glory points and keys. Really glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the video! Stay tuned for more in the future!

¿Is it the final version?

For the GB compo this might be it, but I'm working in enemy AI polish, sfx and the boss (which as of right now sadly doesn't attack ) as well as other minor bug fixes for chapter 1. Also working in upcoming zones and next chapters so you can experience the full map with new characters, more mini games and more achievements!

This is one of the most professional homebrew games I have played on the GB so far. It's incredible the amount of detail you have put into the flow of the dialog and the telling of the story in general!

The gameplay works great, and the way the world opens up as you progress is pretty much perfect! The music and sound effects are also very impressive!

I can't wait to have some time on my hands, sit down and really delve into this amazing world you have created here!

SCORE:  10 / 10


Thank you very much for such kind words! Nothing makes me happier than knowing someone enjoy and appreciate the game. I hope you get some fun out of it. The tools provided nowadays makes the process a lot easier (GB studio, Aseprite and Tiled in my case). So much more I want to add and many things waiting to be balanced (some achievements are really hard to get). Thank you, thank you very much!


Really awesome game, I got hooked instantly. I am definitely gonna play this on my Game Boy. 
Thank you so much for the shoutout, I love to see people do awesome stuff!


Thank you so much! Hope you have some fun with it! Never miss one of your videos, you've been of great help implement and understand so much about GB studio!


I feel bad for not paying to play it, it's so polished and professional! I'm so glad you like my videos, it seems like you already have an extremely strong knowledge of game development, so you probably could have worked it out on your own!

Is it okay if I make a video on this in the future? With a built in tutorial and strong narrative hooks it would be easy to use it as an example of great design.


For sure! Let me know if you need additional information! Would love to help share the love of making games. I'm a lone indie dev who teamed up with my neighbor (Rodrigo Núñez, he is a musician). I was the lead game designer, character designer, art director and writer in Patobox (link in other projects), but this is my first time taking action in programming a game (which GB studio made it very easy). I intend to finish Glory Hunters in the near future with more chapters, bigger map, better characters and lots of minigames so think of this as a free taste of it. I want to run out of variables when it is done ha ha ha.

Hell yeah! I wish you the best of luck in the competition!


Nice work!


Thank you. Hope you had some fun. Still polishing some stuff for the future!