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well I am actually (finally) just geting through old tabs to disclose them and then I just stumble over this. And I must I like it nice idea! Maybe that is something wich can be even proberly mad eout into a actual game?
In anyways wish you as always just the best!


Yeah. The isometric point of view is very appealing indeed. The idea of making an RPG like Super Mario RPG has always been on my mind, or even a spinoff of glory hunters using this view. Hopefully this idea can evolve into something playable and fun in the future. You never know! Ha ha ha.

Thank you for the wishes! I appreciate them!

Yeah haha that would be something great indeed!

No worries, just want the best for everybody! :)

I'm not very familiar with the GB library, but I played a lot Pokemon Gold and Wario Land 3, so I got the isometric Pokemon vibe haha

warm, cozy and nostalgic

Good luck with your next projects!

Thanks a lot! Pokemon and Mario Land 3 are one of my favorites! Gotta finish Wario Land 3 soon! Thanks for the comment!

Great idea! Well executed.

Thank you! Will try to develop the idea in the future. Thank you for the words and the comment!

Extremely well executed, and very good art!

Thank you so much! It was really cool attempting this perspective. Glad you liked it!

Really clever (and amazing pixel art)


Thank you Joel. I It helped quite a lot to just readjust some of the sprites I already had and arrange then in an isometric view. Still a lot to learn using that perspective but it was quite fun and helped distract myself from the routine. I love imagining little dioramas inside my gameboy with their little worlds happening inside it ha ha ha. Thank you for your comment!

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awesome!!! the art its so beautiful  

Thank you! Glad you liked it! I really love the isometric art within games. Maybe this could turn into an idea for the future! Ha ha ha

Lovely concept and nicely executed.


Thank you! First time trying to make something with an isometric view. I always love to think the characters in a GB game (or all videogames for that matter) have their own little life within a diorama style world ha ha ha. Thank you for the comment and for organizing this! It was really fun!